University of Queensland

Dr Harry Chin
Industry Research Manager 
Your interests
I manage industry partnerships within the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology at the University of Queensland (UQ), and I am interested in connecting with organisations who are interested in engaging research expertise to develop innovative solutions to industry problems. With an annual research budget of $42 million, the Faculty of Engineering at UQ provides a rich and diverse flow of breakthrough technologies that are helping to improve communities around the world. The faculty has particular research strengths in the following sectors: water, health, energy, designing smart communities, information engineering as well as manufacturing and resources.

University of South Australia

Prof Allison Cowin
Research Professor 
Your interests
Monoclonal antibody therapies for the treatment of wounds and other skin conditions. Our pre-clinical studies show that a protein that inhibits wound healing can be neutralised in wounds using a patented antibody therapy. While the initial focus of our clinical development plan is around the development of an orphan drug for the treatment of the rare skin blistering disease epidermolysis bullosa (EB), we ultimately foresee the expansion of this new wound treatment into the larger global wound market and expect to be in clinical trials in EB patients by 2018. We are supported by biotech spinout company AbRegen Pty Ltd and looking for partnering opportunities to advance these studies towards clinical trials.

University of Tasmania

A/Prof Laurie Bonney
Director of ARC ITRH Pathways to Market Program 
Your interests
Laurie conducts systems research into how collaborative innovation or ‘co-innovation’ can be achieved in value chains and industries. This involves understanding the dynamics of physical product flows, chain communication/information and relationships (governance) in delivering value to consumers and competitive advantage to the chain partners. The output can be used for diagnosing and improving existing value chains or establishing new chains, identifying high impact bio-physical and social research, developing prescriptive data analytics that can transform chains, determining the focus of public and private investment, evaluating industries or regions, and developing agribusiness ecosystems and innovation platforms. He has gained wide experience and business cultural understanding whilst conducting food value chain research in a number of Asian countries inc. China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, PNG.
A/Prof Stephen Cahoon
Director Sense-T 
Your interests

Sense-T has been conducting research in the Internet of Things (IoT) space for over five years having just completed 25 industry focused projects valued at $13 million.  Stephen is interested in meeting with potential partners who want to explore the development and implementation of sensor technology, data analytics and the development of visualisation tools to add value to managerial decisionmaking.  Sense-T and the University of Tasmania are involved in both the iMOVE and High Performance Soils CRCs.

University of Technology

Prof Mike Briers
Industry Professor 
Your interests
Food Agility
Mr David Tomlins
Executive Director 
Your interests
CRC Collaborations with industry and research

University of Technology Sydney Australia

Mr David Beins
Executive Manager 
Your interests
UTS wants to talk to businesses and other innovators with interests in these broad areas of research expertise: 1. Data Science; 2. Sustainability; 3. Health; 4. Future work and industry; and 5. Social futures._x000D_ We currently participate in 8 CRCs and 1 CRC-P and have a keen interest to expand this portfolio in the near term._x000D_ According to feedback from our clients and partners across the board we are "easy to do business with" and we have a proud history of working with industry to deliver actionable outcomes._x000D_ UTS has been named best young university in Australia for the last 3 years running.

University of Western Australia

Dr Liz Barbour
Research Development Adviser 
Your interests

Research/innovation interests: Agriculture and environmental sciences, Earth sciences, Biological Sciences, Molecular sciences, Psychological sciences and Human Sciences
Organisations wanting to meet: Problem that needs resolving in Western Australia or connecting with Western Australia
Reasons to meet me: Connected to all the researchers in Science faculty at UWA; Interim CEO for the CRC for Honey Bee Products, developed the bid. Part of the team that identified the biosynthetic pathway for sandalwood oil.

University of Wollongong

Dr Valerie Linton
Your interests
My interest is in strategy and industry/university collaboration.
Mr Bruce Thomson
Business Development Manager 
Your interests
The University of Wollongong (UOW) is committed to bringing about change through innovation, based on strong partnerships. _x000D_ From 3D bioprinting, materials engineering and medicinal chemistry to social transformation, UOW has a proud track record of developing solutions to real world problems. We have strong connections with industry and other research institutions, nationally and internationally._x000D_ UOW can work with your organisation in various ways:_x000D_ • UOW can provide expertise to businesses to further develop a product developed in house. We have a multidisciplinary approach to research so businesses can access expertise in a number of different areas for more complex problems._x000D_ • UOW is a rich breeding ground for new ideas. Our researchers have developed many highly innovative products, some of them having the potential to be game changers. _x000D_ UOW is interested in meeting organisations interested in exploring different ways of working together, particularly long term partnerships.


VenturePro provides an advisory service catering to organisations planning new research collaboration initiatives or seeking funding for research programs, new initiatives, new technology ventures, or new research or healthcare infrastructure. We work closely with clients to conduct the early planning for new collaborative research or commercialisation initiatives and to prepare funding submissions, business cases, economic impact assessments and budgets. Working closely with research and industry collaborators, we prepared the successful bids for the Autism CRC and the Wound Management Innovation CRC and have assisted several other CRC bids in the preparation of their Impact Tool.
We have a proven track record of successfully assisting clients across a diverse range of sectors to secure over $790 million in government and private funding for our clients. This includes $230 million from Queensland Government programs, $510 million from Australian Government programs, and over $50 million from private sources. The average amount of direct funding secured for our clients’ projects is $10.2 million, and we have a 78% success rate on those projects where we play a direct role in the planning for and drafting of the submission. 

Dr Patrick Silvey
Dr Patrick Silvey
Managing Director 
Your interests

Great Barrier Reef - I am working with AIMS, the GBR Foundation and the GBR Marine Park Authority on the planning for reef research

CRC bid preparation

CRC Impact Tool development


WINGMATE designs a variety of Data Management and Electronic Control Systems based on the in house developed Real Time Operating System.

Our products are completely customisable, making them pre-eminently suitable to use as small series prototypes. This has proven to be a very important step to bridge the gap between research outcomes and industrial production.

We offer expert knowledge in data collection and analysis, CAN communication, engine control strategies and motorsport including Formula 1 and Red Bull Air Racing.

Applications for our Data systems include hybrid and electric vehicles usage, driver behaviour tracking, industrial engines, M2M projects, light and race airplanes. Our Control systems have been used in sprinkler systems, solar hot water and Engine Management Systems for diesel engine research.

Mr Peter Wezenbeek
Your interests

• Driver behaviour and its relation to safety and accidents, but also to fuel economy and travel time.
• Driver assistance technologies
• Automotive research including electric and hybrid vehicles, driverless vehicles, advanced and diesel combustion.