Mrs Jill Stajduhar
General Manager - Industry Research & Innovation 
Your interests


Dr Steven Lapidge
Director- Food Innovation Taskforce 
Your interests
My research interests are food innovation, food loss & waste, food and wine fraud prevention, functional foods, nutraceuticals, advanced diagnostic manufacturing and collaboration tools, and I would like to meet with any organisations that can identify with these interests._x000D_ _x000D_ Others may like to meet with me as I am leading the development of the Food Waste & Fraud Prevention CRC bid.

Queensland University of Technology

Prof Prasad Yarlagadda
Your interests
Digital manufacturing, Bio manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing and Information Processing

Rail Manufacturing CRC

Mr Larry Jordan
Research Director 
Your interests
Am the Research Director of the Rail Manufacturing CRC - working to drive the development of new products, technologies and supply chain networks to increase Australia's rail manufacturing's competitiveness, capacity and productivity.
Mr Paul Johnson
Your interests
Am the chair of the Rail Manufacturing CRC - working to drive the development of new products, technologies and supply chain networks to increase Australia's rail manufacturing's competitiveness, capacity and productivity.

Raven Consulting Group Australia

Established in 2008, Raven Consulting Group focuses on education and management consulting in the tertiary education and research sectors. We are a small, responsive consulting group, dedicated to providing and maintaining strong relationships with our past and present, clients and partners through good communication. Our individual approach means our activities are tailored to your requirements.

Dr Richard Huysmans
Dr Richard Huysmans
Your interests

My clients are often:

  • universities
  • research institutes
  • research centres (including cooperative research centres, centres of excellence etc)

Within organisations, I work with:

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Research Officers
  • Chief Research Strategists
  • Research Directors
  • Deans, Deputy Deans and
  • Research leaders

The work I do includes:

  • Bid and proposal development
  • Supporting multi-organisation (e.g. university-industry) collaborations, from either side of the collaboration.
  • Career development of PhD students and early career researchers - especially in the context of most Phd students and ECRs will not end up as academics._
  • Industry engagement training for university researchers; researcher engagement training for industry;

Refraction Media

Ms Heather Catchpole
Head of Content 
Your interests
Heather is the Head of Content at Refraction Media, a content creation company specialising in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) and in research commercialisation and innovation content. Refraction Media produces careers guides for student
Ms Karen Taylor-Brown
CEO & Publisher 
Your interests
Refraction Media is a content company specialising in science & innovation. Publishers of KnowHow,, and, Refraction is waving the flag for the STEM in audiences ranging from schools, to universities, to corporate Australia and beyond. We want to make connections with companies who are looking for a platform to communicate. If you need a winning communications strategy, experienced science journalists and content producers, meet us! We are also seeking inspiring stories of collaboration, commercialization and STEM + X.

SciVentures Investments Australia

I am working with Tony Peacock of the CRC-A to help build WA led bids for new CRCs and CRC-Ps.  I am very keen to talk to prospective WA bidders - or to bidders from other states who wish to incorporate WA-based R&d capabilities about their involvement while at the CRC conference.

Dr Gregory Smith
Consultant / Investment Director 
Your interests

I am trying to build new CRC and CRC-Ps that will be led out of WA.  However, I am also keen to discuss potentials with CRC bidders from other states who may wish to incorporate WA R&d capabilities into their bids.

I am also the chair of the Australian Microsopy and Microanalysis Research Facility (AMMRF).  In that role, I am keen to talk to CRCs about how they may accress the AMMRF's world class capabilities.  These are situated at six different nodes around Australia


Seedly is an equity crowdfunding platform focused on connecting more Australians to exciting, early stage investment opportunities. We are passionate about helping more Aussie startups and high-growth businesses raise funds that help them grow and succeed, where in the past they have had little access to funding.

Interested in talking to any groups or individuals who also want to see a more dynamic and successful Australian startup ecosystem, whether that be collaborating, partnering or just swapping ideas.

Mr Mark West
CEO and Founder 
Your interests

Interested in meeting early stage and innovative businesses looking to raise funds to discuss funding models. Also interested in meeting with other groups in the startup or financial services ecosystem, whether that's corporates, universities or other research institutions who want to look at ways to accelerate and streamline early stage capital raising.

Sibelco Australia Ltd

Supplier of minerals to agriculture, mining and construction. We are looking to expand our agriculture business and seek R&D collaborators in that area

Mr Jeremy Cocks
Your interests
Use of minerals for soil ph adjustment, and animal feed ingredients

Space Environment Research Centre

Mrs Michelle Fulton
Executive Officer 
Your interests
To be confirmed
Dr Steve Gower
General Manager 
Your interests
to be confirmed
Dr Doris Grosse
Dr Doris Grosse
Adaptive Optics Scientist 
Your interests

I am an optics engineer working in the field of Adaptive Optics with the application for satelite imaging and space situational awareness at the Australian National University.
I am interested in meeting businesses particularly involved in the broad field of optics and photonics, in the space or medical industry. Particularly, if those businesses are involved with Adaptive Optics solutions for space/astronomy applications, vision science or medical imaging research.
I am interested in establishing collaborations on a the mid- to long-term scale.
I am also interested in talking to businesses which are interested in collaborating with the research sector to promote STEM subject amongst children and young adults as well as the broader public.