Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Facility

Dr Caroline Fuery
Chief Operational Officer 
Your interests

Connecting industry with government funded microscopy and micro-analytical infrastructure and associated research expertise. _x000D_ Translation of research to market through innovative start ups and SMEs.

Australian National University

Dr Keith Finlayson
Strategic Projects & Partnerships 
Your interests

Defence and National Security related
High bandwidth, secure laser communications
Satellite & High Altitude UAV
Advanced Manufacturing Technologies with Composite Materials
I represent the Strategic Partnerships and Projects team at the Australian National University, and am interested in making links between private and public sector organisations and our strategic research programmes.

Prof Jill Gready
Prof Jill Gready
Researcher and Start-up Founder 
Your interests

Research Overview: I am a researcher who has developed novel technologies for re-engineering genes in plant chloroplasts, from basic research through to early-stage commercial development, now within a start-up company, TerraVerde Solutions (TVS). TVS’s flexible platform couples improved power for plant growth and resilience with ability to concurrently install multiple traits-of-choice that leverage the plant’s increased robustness.

Interests: I am keen to talk with commercial, government and not-for-profit partners and investors in industries including agriculture, food, environmental sustainability and defence interested in our approach in working collaboratively to develop and implement solutions. For example customized crop and other plants with improved resource efficiency, pest and disease resistance, nutritional value, food storage, food consumer acceptance, land remediation or protection uses, and sensors for toxic and hostile chemicals.

Why meet me? Attendees interested in the next wave of “non GM” plants using state-of-the art safe, precision, methods, much shorter concept to marketing timeframe and development cost, and reduced regulatory uncertainty and cost might like to meet with me.


Dr Priscilla Kan John
Innovation Hub Development Manager 
Your interests
I have an interest in innovation, especially in university-industry collaboration. I have developed a Research Engagement Canvas © to help researchers plan their engagement journey for doing impactful research. I am interested in developing a similar tool from an industry perspective._x000D_ _x000D_ I also work at the intersection of business and technology through looking at ways that machines can assist humans and organisations._x000D_ _x000D_ I would like to meet with people who are interested in setting up university-research collaboration. I am also the Development Manager for the ANU Innovation Hub hosted at the College of Business and Economics. The Hub hosts a number of collaborative projects, Design Thinking and entrepreneurial spaces and a behavioural lab._x000D_ _x000D_ People may want to meet with me:_x000D_ (1) to discuss how to collaborate with the ANU Innovation Hub._x000D_ (2) to discuss research at the interface of technology and business.

Autism CRC

Ms Jacquiline den Houting
PhD Candidate 
Your interests
I am an Early Career Researcher with the goal of making the world a more inclusive, accessible, and accepting place for Autistic people. My current research is focused on mental health, and with a professional background in psychology I am interested in meeting others doing innovative research in the mental health space. I also have an interest in broad social justice issues, and specifically disability rights. As an Autistic researcher, I bring a unique perspective to this field, and I'm keen to share my insights, collaborate, and learn.

BlueZone Group

BlueZone Group is focused on the design and servicing of quality underwater electronics used in harsh environments and provides specialised products and services to a wide range of markets including; Defence, Offshore Oil & Gas,Oceanographic & Hydrographic, Water Resources and Trenchless Technology. The BlueZone Group Engineered capability provides specialist application engineering services for all types of customers
operating electro-mechanical equipment in harsh environments such as subsea and defence.

Mr Darren Burrowes
Your interests

Underwater technology
Robotic maritime systems

Brien Holden Vision Institute Australia

We develop new solutions for vision care, especially refractive error, and work to eliminate vision impairment and avoidable blindness, thereby improving quality of life for people in need and helping to reduce disability and poverty. We are a social enterprise. We invest any revenues resulting from our work into creating scientific solutions and developing and delivering eye care and education programs around the world.

Mr Neilsen De Souza
Mr Neilsen De Souza
Global Business Director 
Your interests
My interests involve developing, deploying and integrating serious games and simulated healthcare training into tertiary education institutions. I'm also interested in innovation in healthcare supply/logistics, social enterprise and social franchise in lo
Dr Nina Tahhan
Dr Nina Tahhan
Science and Business Development Manager 
Your interests

Research/innovation interests include; eye care diagnostic instruments, concussion devices, innovative contact lenses, innovative products to improve eye comfort, particularly for dry eye patients. Types of people and organisations interested in meeting with include; pharmaceutical, neurological and optical industry, health researchers

Business Events Sydney Australia

A not-for-profit partnership between the NSW Government and more than 200 tourism and event industry stakeholders, Business Events Sydney (BESydney) has over 40 years’ experience as a full-service convention bureau. The global team, which spans Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas, prides itself on providing seamless advice and support throughout the event lifecycle to both domestic and international clients.

BESydney offers a number of services for those planning or bidding for an event in Sydney and NSW. The bureau acts as a central link between clients and leading industry and event suppliers, government and the wider community, to assist in the execution of an unforgettable Sydney event experience.

Ms Virginia Loyola
Head of Engagement - National 
Your interests

Campus Travel

Mr Rob Jaffer
Senior Business Manager 
Your interests

Specialising in travel management for the academic sector since 1998, Campus Travel is Australia’s most trusted travel provider and advisor to the academic industry.

Our national team of travel consultants is highly experienced in looking after the unique needs of travellers from universities, research and learning organisations including colleges, TAFEs and schools. Our team of Client Development Managers has a lengthy track record of successfully managing mid-to-large market travel programs for the academic sector.

As the only Australian travel management company wholly dedicated to this industry, Campus Travel offers knowledgeable service, backed by the global network of our parent company, Flight Centre Travel Group.

We are interested in meeting with organisations who are looking to reduce costs through proper management of their travel program.

Cancer Therapeutics CRC

Dr Warwick Tong
Your interests
novel cancer targets, key small molecule drug discovery and development capabilities

Capital Hill Consulting

Ms Robyn Porter
Your interests

I am seeking opportunities as a non-executive Director in the science and/or health sector where I can utilise my tertiary qualifications in science and management. I am a President, Non Executive, National Secretary, Committee Chair, Treasurer and Member with strong communication and leadership skills together with over 25 years of committee and board level experience across the government and not-for-profit sectors with experience of: biotechnology research, professional standards, government and SMEs' procurement.  At board level some highlights include President of Professional Scientists Australia, National Secretary of Professionals Australia, and Policy Chair and Board Advisor to Science and Technology Australia. Here I have led the development of policies, national strategies and constitution changes. I have over ten years of experience in providing expert advice to commercial organisations bidding for government grants and tenders.

Carina Biotech

Dr Justin Coombs
Your interests
Development of cellular immunotherapy technologies, particularly around Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cells (CAR-T).