WINGMATE designs a variety of Data Management and Electronic Control Systems based on the in house developed Real Time Operating System.

Our products are completely customisable, making them pre-eminently suitable to use as small series prototypes. This has proven to be a very important step to bridge the gap between research outcomes and industrial production.

We offer expert knowledge in data collection and analysis, CAN communication, engine control strategies and motorsport including Formula 1 and Red Bull Air Racing.

Applications for our Data systems include hybrid and electric vehicles usage, driver behaviour tracking, industrial engines, M2M projects, light and race airplanes. Our Control systems have been used in sprinkler systems, solar hot water and Engine Management Systems for diesel engine research.

Mr Peter Wezenbeek
Your interests

• Driver behaviour and its relation to safety and accidents, but also to fuel economy and travel time.
• Driver assistance technologies
• Automotive research including electric and hybrid vehicles, driverless vehicles, advanced and diesel combustion.