VenturePro provides an advisory service catering to organisations planning new research collaboration initiatives or seeking funding for research programs, new initiatives, new technology ventures, or new research or healthcare infrastructure. We work closely with clients to conduct the early planning for new collaborative research or commercialisation initiatives and to prepare funding submissions, business cases, economic impact assessments and budgets. Working closely with research and industry collaborators, we prepared the successful bids for the Autism CRC and the Wound Management Innovation CRC and have assisted several other CRC bids in the preparation of their Impact Tool.
We have a proven track record of successfully assisting clients across a diverse range of sectors to secure over $790 million in government and private funding for our clients. This includes $230 million from Queensland Government programs, $510 million from Australian Government programs, and over $50 million from private sources. The average amount of direct funding secured for our clients’ projects is $10.2 million, and we have a 78% success rate on those projects where we play a direct role in the planning for and drafting of the submission. 

Dr Patrick Silvey
Dr Patrick Silvey
Managing Director 
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Great Barrier Reef - I am working with AIMS, the GBR Foundation and the GBR Marine Park Authority on the planning for reef research

CRC bid preparation

CRC Impact Tool development