Gamma Vaccines Pty Ltd

Headquartered in Canberra, Gamma Vaccines Pty Ltd was established to solve one of the great challenges in infectious disease - the development of a “universal” cross-protective influenza virus vaccine. In addition, the company has a pipeline of vaccine opportunities aimed at preventing other globally important respiratory diseases, such as bacterial pneumonia – a common secondary infection that often follows infection with influenza. Although focussed on the development of vaccines for human use, it is seeking near market opportunities to exploit its technology platform for veterinary applications, including a novel avian influenza (AI) vaccine for preventing bird flu outbreaks in poultry. Gamma Vaccines intends to achieve its development and commercialization goals by engaging third party research providers, seeking government grants and partnering and/or licensing its technology as key milestones are achieved.

Prof Tim Hirst
Executive Chairman 
Your interests

Viral and bacterial vaccines for prevention of infectious disease

Immune modulators/adjuvants

Large and small animal models for use in evaluating immune responses

Sterilisation techniques, including high energy X-rays for pathogen inactivation

Bioprocessing and fermentation technologies

Animal health